About Tiertime Europe

The European presence of Tiertime has been strengthened in 2021 via a partnership with Machines-3D to usher in Tiertime Europe. Tiertime Europe gives the customers the advantage of purchasing the machines and receiving after-sales customer support from a local supplier. The new location has an inventory of an extensive amount of machines, spare parts, and consumables to guarantee availability to all customers within a short period. The new facility is equipped with demo machines that will serve as training ground for partners and resellers throughout Europe and thereby ensure reliable customer support. 

Tiertime is China’s first 3D printer manufacturer and has set in motion the nation’s entry into the additive manufacturing age with its launching of the Inspire Industrial line. With more than twenty years of continuous innovation and consistent technological advancement, the company is counted among the recognized world leaders in manufacturing and prototyping solutions. The decades of product evolution has always centered on reliability and improved user experience while maintaining the core visions of high quality, affordability, and easy-to-use additive manufacturing solutions. 

Headquartered in Beijing with offices abroad, Tiertime has a global distribution network serving over 50 countries and its products cater to a wide variety of fields such as engineering, architecture, medicine and education. 

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